Before you read
  • We do not accept devices purchased from any other sources even though same brand. Our warranty will not apply to the device ordered elsewhere.
  1. All parts carry a warranty period of 12 months.
  2. We only warrant the cost of original products. We will also not accept any modified product and not pay for potential additional fees, just as installation & test fee, labor cost, etc.
  3. Only cover the defects of items under normal use.(Please read the content with * first)
  4. For the solution you can check out return & refund policy.

*Catalytic converter shield can help cover the converters, slow thieves down, increase the difficulty and make loud noise for alarm when they cut it off.  Not 100% guarantee that there will be no more cat theft. Our shield would encourage thieves to move on and find another easier target. Only acts like a deterrent.

*Skid Plates/ Aero panels/ Undertray can offer extra protection for the under carriage. A must buy for off-road enthusiasts.

All parts are made from high quality metal material. You can find thickness data on their specific description page. Please allow a little bit different due to the manual measurement.