2004-2009 Toyota Prius l4 1.5L Catalytic Converter Protection Shield Standard Version

2004-2009 Toyota Prius l4 1.5L Catalytic Converter Protection Shield Standard Version

Thank you for your purchase. With the installation of this CARAMORE shield, we hope that you will help prevent any further catalytic converter theft. The included hardware kit will help further secure your customers’ catalytic converter and deter thieves.

Package Contents:

  • (8) Rivets

  • (6) Security Screws

  • (2) Self Tapping Screws

  • (1) Aluminum Security Plate

STEP 1: Locate and remove the front plastic slash shield 10mm nuts shown in red.

The CARAMORE plate is mounted on the front 3factory studs and the OEM splash guard is installed over the plate. This allows for the plate to be centered and aligned with the frame rails on each side. These nuts are kept loose until all other fasteners are installed. These (3)10mm nuts should be tightened last.

STEP 2: The provided self-tapping screws to hold the plate in place while drilling the rivet holes. Place one security screw in any of the red outlined areas. These areas will house the security screws once the other holes for the rivets have been drilled.

*We highly recommend using a clearance adjustment tool when installing the shield. A wood 2×4 or equivalent should be placed between the cat and the shield prior to installing any permanent hardware. This will ensure the shield does not rattle.

STEP 3Alternating sides,drill out the remaining holes. You can use the self tapping screws or a 3/16drill bit. Once drilled, alternate sides again and install the rivets highlighted the red areas.


STEP 4: Install the security screws in the center and outer holes of the shield. 

STEP 5: Replace the front splash shield and tighter down the (3)10mm nuts. Remove the clearance tool from between the cat and shield.

Thank you for reading!

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