How to install 2003-2011 Honda Element 2.4L Catalytic Converter Protection Shield

How to install 2003-2011 Honda Element 2.4L Catalytic Converter Protection Shield

Thank you for your purchase. With the installation of this CARAMORE shield, we hope that you will help prevent any further catalytic converter theft. The included hardware kit will help further secure your catalytic converter and deter thieves.


Honda Element 2003-2011

Package Contents:

(1) Stainless rail (passenger)

(1) Stainless rail (driver)

(1) Stainless and Aluminum cat shield (fully assembled)

(1) Rear Security Tab

(7) 3/16” Rivets

(1) Oversized 1/4” Expandable Rivet (black)

(9) M6 Security Bolts

(1) M6 Security Torx Bit

(9) M6 Star Lock Washers

(2) Flange Bolt

STEP 1: Install Drivers Side Mounting Rail (drivers side ,rail with 2 holes)

Locate the bracket holding the oxygen sensor harness and remove the bracket bolt. Slide the mounting rail in between the heat shield and body.

The oxygen sensor bracket will go in between the rail and the body. Install supplied Flange in the first hole, then install and crimp the oversized (black) rivet in second hole. Ensure the bolt is tight and this step is complete.

All Wheel Drive has two bolt holes on the drivers rail. This is for the AWD driveline brace. Remove the bolt and install the rail. Bend the driveshaft loop strap brace to ensure ample clearance around the driveshaft. Reuse the existing factory blot.

STEP 2: Install Passenger Side Mounting Rail

Install the passenger mounting rail (passenger side ,rail with 3 mounting holes)

going between the heat shield and body. The front flange bolt is supplied, reuse the factory middle bolt, then drill the hole for the 3/16” rivet and install it. Ensure the other two bolts are tight and this step is complete.

Professional Tip*:

If you do not have a heavy-duty rivet gun you can purchase this rivet gun on Amazon for under 20 dollars (Astro Pneumatic Tool 1423 1/4” Heavy Duty 13” Hand Riveter)

STEP 3: Temporarily install the rear shield security tab

Temporarily install the rear security tab using a tamperproof security torx screw (provided). Do not fully tighten until after main shield is install. The tab needs to rotate over the rear portion of the exhaust for final assembly.

STEP 4: Install the main body protective shield 

Install the main body protective shield by routing the oxygen sensor wires through the cut outs. 

Use the rivets to line up the holes on both sides but do not crimp them yet. Insert and start all the tamperproof security bolts. Once the bolts are started tighten them all down. Finish this part of the installation by crimping the rivets on both sides.

STEP 5: Install the rear security tab

Finish out the installation by installing the final two rivets into the security tab.

Secure the tamperproof security screw and your install is complete.

Thank you for reading!

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