Silver Or Black Toyota Tacoma 2005-2015 4WD Catalytic Converter Shield Installation Instruction

Silver Or Black Toyota Tacoma 2005-2015 4WD Catalytic Converter Shield Installation Instruction

Thank you for your purchase. With the installation of this CARAMORE shield, we hope that you will help prevent any further catalytic converter theft. The included hardware kit will help further secure your catalytic converter and deter thieves.


Toyota Tacoma 2005-2015(4WD)

Package Contents:

(1) Passenger Side Rail              

(1) Driver Side Rail

(1) Aluminum cat shield                 (3) M10 Oversized Stainless Washers

(3) Square Plate Washer

(4) M8 General use washers

(4) Stainless Internal Tooth Lock Washer

(12) M8 Tamper Proof Security Bolt

(3) M10 Zinc Nuts(non-locking)

(3) M10 Nylon Insert Locknut

(4) Rivet Nut

(1) DIY install bolt M8×50 Hex

(2) M10×80 Button Head Hex

(1) M10×100 Button Head Hex

(1) Blue Thread Lock

(1) H5 Security Bit

(1) H6 Security Bit


Install side shields onto main shield. The tallest portion of the side shield goes towards the front of the vehicle (narrow end).

Use the blue thread lock on the M8 Security Bolt and thread them into the holes. After all 8 are installed tighten the them completely with the provided security bit.


Hold the shield up and using the M10×80 bolts insert them through the rear outer holes. Place a square plate washer on the top of the bolt and install the temporary NON-Locking nut. Install the front M10×100 bolt, square plate washer and non-locking nut. Center the shield and check spacing gaps around the sides. Once the spaces are correct, tighten down the bolts by holding the top with a wrench and using a 6mm hex key from the bottom.


Using a (7/16” or 11mm drill bit )and the shield for a guide drill the 4 holes then drop the shield down to install the rivet nuts.

The rivet nuts can be installed using a rivet nut gun installer. This tool can be found on Amazon for about$60 - If you are doing many of these it is a good investment to make the process go by faster.


There are a few ways to install the rivet nut inserts.

  1. You can use a “riv-nut” install tool and can rents or purchase the tool.
  2. Have a professional install it for you.
  3. You can use the “no special tools” way. You will need two of M10 stainless washers, 2 non-locking M10 nuts and the install bolt.


Install the M10×80 and the M10×100 bolts into the shield. Use the square plate washer on top and M10 stainless on the bottom. Use the supplied lock-nut and thread it until snug. Leave the shield slightly loose until all remaining bolts are started. 

Using the blue thread locker install (4) M8 security bolts with a M8 general use washer and stainless internal toothed washer. Thread each into the holes first then tighten them all down.

Tighten the remaining bolts using a wrench on the top nut and a 6mm hex key. Ensure all bolts are good and tight.

Thank you for reading!

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